Leather Strap Cutter Blade Installation #shorts

A while ago I made a leather strap cutter on this channel. Since then many people have asked me how the blade is installed exactly, since this wasn’t clear from the video. I hope this video shows better how to install the blade in the handmade leather strap cutter. Be sure to also check out the full length video to see how to make a strap cutter for leatherworking yourself: https://youtu.be/xRCg1fTCgZk

Video transcript

Hello there, Tony here. I have made this leather strap cutter in an earlier video on this channel. Lately I have received some comments that it is not entirely clear how the blade is installed. Let me show you.

Let’s first take the screws out that hold the aluminium plate that holds the blade.

As you can see, the blade is clamped in between the wood and the small aluminium plates. The sharp edge is pointing in the pulling direction in order to be able to cut the leather. You could also try it the other way around, but that’s not recommended. You’ll get much nicer straps pulling the blade through the leather, rather than pushing it through.

That’s all there is to it, so I hope that this short, in addition to the full length video, will allow you to make a strap cutter yourself too. Don’t forget to subscribe and check out the full length video via the link in the description.

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