NEIPA (HE-040)

See me making this beer in this video on my Youtube Channel – Tony Needs Hobbies.

To brew this New England IPA I use the following ingredients for a 6,5 gallon batch:

  • 5000 g/175 oz Pale malt
  • 1000 g/35 oz Munich malt
  • 750 g/26 oz Flaked oats
  • 500 g/18 oz Wheat malt

The mash temperature is 67 °C/153 °F, sparge with enough water at 78 °C/172 °F to get 30 L/8 gal in the kettle before boiling.

  • Bittering hops: 60 g/2 oz Cascade
  • Aroma hops at flame out: 60 g/2 oz each of Cascade, Citra and Galena
  • Dry hopping with 70 g/2,5 oz each of Cascade, Citra and Galena
  • Ferment with a vital yeast starter of Wyeast 1318 London Ale III

Recipe on Brewgr:

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