Pearocello: a new drink I invented #shorts #alcohol #limoncello

Pearocello is a very easy to make drink that you make by following recipes for Limoncello. Instead of using lemons you replace them by unripe pears. Let them sit in pure alcohol for a month and add a simple syrup. But the resulting liquid in bottles, and refrigerate. Enjoy this greenish, peary and smooth drink ice cold on a hot day.

Video transcript:

I think I’ve invented a new drink and I call it Pearocello. It’s based on limoncello but instead of using lemons I let 750 grams of unripe pears infuse in 750 mL 96% alcohol suitable for consumption. After infusing for a month I made a syrup by adding 500 grams of granulated sugar to 1000 mL of water. I brought this to a boil and then let it cool down. When completely cooled down to room temperature I strained the alcohol into the pot, rinsed the pears with another 150 mL of water to get all the alcohol out and added that to the pot as well. After a good stir I divided all the Pearocello into smaller bottles and put them in the fridge to get to drinking temperature. The taste is very mellow, peary and not citrusy at all but that makes sense. It looks greenish and I love it, haven’t seen or tasted anything like it yet and that’s why…

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