Building a Ford Mustang: Lego 10265

Two iconic topics: Lego and Ford Mustang! They are combined wonderfully in the epic Lego set 10265. In this video I am building this set in time lapse and show you what I love about it. Have fun watching!

Video transcript:

Hi there, welcome to Tony’s hobbies. Today I’m going to play with Legos!

For over 25 years I have absolutely loved Legos. I also love one of the most iconic cars in history: the Ford Mustang. On our wedding day I rented a ’68 convertible Mustang and on our last road trip in the USA, I also rented a convertible Mustang. Last year Lego brought a Mustang into my home, but I didn’t have the time to build it yet.

This is the box I’m talking about. Let’s open it up and build it in time lapse.

There you have it: a Ford Mustang. I had a lot of fun building this car. It reminded me of my wedding day. What I really like about it is the way that the doors open. Lego did some interesting stuff with the hinges. Obviously the steering wheel is working but you expect that with a Lego car.

What I also like is that you get a whole bunch of additional parts. You can use that to, well, for instance, to build a supercharger that goes on top of the hood and the booklet is also very nicely designed. You will get some information about the Ford Mustang history, a nice timeline and some other information about the production process of Ford Mustang.

And in addition to all of that you will get a bumper sticker that says “My other car is a Mustang”. I put it on our car directly when I saw that there was a bumper sticker in this box and what I really like to do is park it next to a real Ford Mustang and take pictures so I will show you…

I hope you had a lot of fun watching this video. Probably I had more fun building this car. Anyway I will see you in the future.

Bye, bye!

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