Extending my Workbench for Future Hobbies

In this video I will be extending my current workbench so that it is bigger and I have more workspace. This will enable me to work on bigger, better and more awesome projects in the future.

Video transcript:

Hi, my name is Tony. Welcome to Tony’s Hobbies. In this video we are going to extend this workbench from about here right up until about there. Have fun watching!

To prepare for this project I made this drawing in Google Sketchup. On the right hand side you see a white thing that represents the current workbench and on the left hand side in a brownish color you see what represents the extension of the workbench. To create this we will need some lumber that I already bought earlier this week. It’s on my lumber shelf. Let’s get to cutting it with the miter saw.

Always use protective gear to save yourself some trouble.

So all the lumber has been cut to size. I will quickly clean the edges up a bit and all we have to do after that is glue and screw. All right, let’s get to gluing and screwing. This also illustrates nicely why I need a bigger bench.

So you can see I started with the top frame and now I’m building the frame that’s going to be halfway of the workbench and then I’ll glue and screw the legs to it. Okay, so I’m trying to figure out these measurements but it turned out I used the incorrect measurements when sawing so I have to go back to the miter saw and cut a little bit off of these parts.

Okay, because that I need to cut are not going to be glued and it’s just two pieces I decided to use good old fashioned hand saw to do that. I’m using a square to make sure that all the legs are perpendicular to the frames.

So I want this including a board on top to be at the same height as this so that I can nicely let dry some hardwood without it curving.

You can see the frame perfectly fits. The only thing we need to do is cut this board that I have here. It’s 40 centimeters that’s about, oh, 16 inches long, ehm, too long and I need to cut it off of it but I don’t have a circular saw so I’ll use my trick with some glue clamps and the jigsaw. I will make a rail to guide the jigsaw. Let’s get to it.

So all the boards have been cut. I can continue gluing and screwing
and then I have my project finished but first I have to remove all this stuff from my old workbench. I’ll clean it up later but for now I’ll just remove it quickly.

All right, so this part is finished, I only need to put on the big board which I am not going to glue to this one because in the future I might move to somewhere else who knows and I want these two to be separable. So I’m going to screw it onto this one with just a couple of screws and I will glue and screw with this one.

Wow that was a lot of work, especially for a Saturday afternoon, but I had a lot of fun making this table and it turned up almost exactly like what I drew at the beginning of the video. So I’m very happy with it.

I had a lot of fun making it. I hope you had some fun watching the video and I will have a lot of fun using this workbench in the future so I hope you will follow me along.

Thank you for watching. Bye, bye!

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