Making Floating Frames for Bob Ross Style Paintings

A couple of weeks ago I attended a Bob Ross-style oil painting workshop. This was the first time I ever painted on canvas. My wife and I both created some lovely landscape paintings. This weekend it was time to put these paintings into a frame and hang them on the wall, together with a hummingbird painting that we bought in Cuba three years ago. Therefor, in this video I will show you how to make floating frames for canvas paintings and how to put the painting in the frame. I hope you follow me along, and start create random stuff like me very soon!

Video transcript:

Well hello there, this is Tony and I’m in the need for a new hobby. Actually, I already tried out a new hobby about three weeks ago. I went to a Bob Ross style painting workshop and this is the result. I’m quite pleased with this and today I will be making floating frames for this painting so that I can hang it on the wall.

I will be making two different frames in this video the one with the angle clamps and the other one with the specifically designed frame clamp that you can see on the right hand side in this frame. We will need some wood glue, some nails and a hammer to put the nails in the wood and I’m using a hand miter saw because it’s more precise than the electric one that I have.

The idea behind the floating frame is that the picture appears to be floating in the frame which is a really nice optical illusion so the edges of the frame will be apart from the edges of the painting and I will use seven millimeter space in between. Let’s cut the wood to size.

After cutting I’m using some sanding paper to clean up the edges. For the bigger frame that is 50 by 70 centimeters I need a brace to prevent the wood from warping. Therefore I am cutting away some of the wood with a chisel so that it nicely fits together.

After all the wood glue has dried overnight I am gluing and nailing the back and front part together. Then I will let it dry for another 24 hours and I continue with painting.

For painting I selected a gray wash kind of stain because the color matches the paintings. I’m applying it with a brush and let it dry for another 24 hours after painting. Once it has fully dried I can hang the paintings onto the wall.

Excellent! Now we have the Bob Ross style painting in a frame and we have the hummingbird painting in a frame. Let’s hang them onto a wall.

All the paintings are hanging on the wall now so that’s concludes this project. I hope you had fun watching and if you did please subscribe to my channel and I will update you with more projects in the future. For now: bye, bye!

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