Roast Coffee at Home Using the Stovetop Method

Coffee is something I have been enthusiastic about for many years now. I Always thought that roasting coffee would require a lot of fancy and expensive equipment. That’s why I haven’t tried to do it myself until now! The stovetop method that I will be utilizing requires only a saucepan, a heat source and a spoon. It is a really easy process and I will show you exactly how to do it in this video. Afterwards, I treat myself to the freshest cup of Colombian El Paraiso coffee ever.

Video transcript:

Hello there, welcome to Tony Needs Hobbies. Today we’re going to look at and have fun with what is inside this box.

Let’s open this box. Excellent! In the mail I found two black packets of green coffee. Green coffee is coffee that has not been roasted yet. I googled how to do it and apparently it’s basically just a matter of putting the beans in a pot, put some fire underneath it and wait until the beans turn brown.

I obtained 250 grams of a Columbian coffee and 250 grams of an Indonesian coffee. Today I will roast the Columbian coffee. I will just put it in a pot, use a wooden spoon to stir it continuously and see what happens. Here we go with the Columbian coffee.

I anticipated the roasting process to take 18 minutes, however it took me twenty seven minutes but it turned out great. For removing the chaff I took the beans outside and because it’s dark I did that off-camera because I don’t have any lighting outside. In addition I need to think about how to cool these beans down. This is what I decided to go for: put them on an oven tray so there’s more contact with cool air.

How about that! It actually looks and smells like real coffee… Well it is real coffee! Every single bean counts. All the beans have been transferred into this colander. I will take it outside now and throw the beans into the air, then I will blow and hopefully that removes all the chaff and I end up with nice clean coffee.

That went really well. As you can see we almost have no chaff left. What you also see is that we went from this pale green color to this nice brown color. And the smell… I cannot emphasize it enough. It smells really wonderful. Let’s grind some of those beans and pour myself a nice cup of fresh coffee.

To make the coffee I will use this 50 year old coffee grinder, the freshly roasted coffee and the French press. I am using 8 grams of coffee per 100 milliliters of water. I wonder how this is going to smell. Oh, and the smell is absolutely wonderful. As soon as I started grinding, the aromas hit me.

This is amazing!

Now it looks like the coffee that you buy in a store but it smells much better. This stuff is chocolatey, sweet, excellent and fresh and I will prepare myself a nice cup of coffee. First I will add 400 milliliters of boiled water to the French press. Then I will add the coffee grounds, give it a stir, cover it up and now I wait for a couple of minutes.

It has been standing for a couple of minutes now. Time to filter it. That is proper coffee there. Freshly made an hour ago. It smells amazing, it is clear, it looks great and I am very anxious to taste it.

The only thing left to do is taste this stuff! That is absolutely wonderful, the freshest cup of coffee I ever had. It took me an hour to make it from green beans to drinking it. The taste is rich the aromas are sweet and fresh. This is the good stuff!

I hope you had fun watching this video please subscribe to my channel and I will update you with more interesting stuff in the future. For now, I hope you had fun. Bye bye!

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