Wild Ginger Bug and Making Ginger Beer #shorts

Ginger bug is a mixture of ginger, sugar and water that has been allowed to ferment until it’s bubbly. It can be used to make all kinds of sodas and help with fermentation of mead. In this short video I’ll show you how to make ginger bug and how to use it to make wild fermented ginger beer or ginger ale. Later on I’ll make a full length video where I use the ginger bug to ferment wild fermented mead.

Video transcript:

In this short video I’m going to make ginger bug and beer, because I need the ginger bug to make wild fermented mead. It’s very easy: add a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger, granulated sugar and raisins to a jar with water at room temperature. Stir it well and set it aside for a day. Then repeat this process as many days until the concoction is bubbly. That’s your ginger bug right there.

To make ginger beer, to 1.5 liters of water I will add 50 grams of ginger, 140 grams of sugar and 10 grams of molasses and boil it. Molasses adds complexity but it’s an acquired taste. If you don’t like it, just replace it with sugar. After boiling for ten minutes, filter it through a cheesecloth and let it completely cool down to room temperature before adding about a cup ginger bug through a strainer and pouring everything in a plastic soda bottle. Mix it thoroughly and set it aside at room temperature.

After a few days pressure will have built up in the bottle. I let it burp once, close the bottle again and let it sit for another day before cooling it in the fridge. Then… It’s ready to try, and it tastes delightful!

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