Strawberry Jam From Fresh Homegrown Strawberries #shorts

In this short I’ll quickly show you how I make strawberry jam from fresh homegrown strawberries. A while ago I made a rack for strawberry plants. This year they produces many more strawberries than my wife and I eat. To preserve a lot of strawberries I turned a part of them into delicious homemade jam. It’s really easy: put the fresh strawberries, an equal amount of suger, a dash of water and some pectin in a pot. Boil it for 20-30 minutes and transfer it into clean mason jars. Jam has never been so good! Do you want to build a strawberry rack too? Check out this full length video:

Video transcript:

Some time ago I made a video about this strawberry rack. The plants produced over 5000 grams of strawberries this season. That’s more than we eat, so I turned the imperfect looking ones into jam.

First I cut off the stems and rinse them. Then I weighed the strawberries so I know how much sugar to add later. All the fruit is cut smaller before putting it in a pot with a thick bottom. I add an equal amount of sugar: 580 grams. I give it a good stir and add a bit of water to help it all dissolve. After another stir I add halve a tablespoon of pectin and put the heat on medium to bring the mixture to a boil.

When it’s boiling I lower the heat and give it an occasional stir during which I also try to crush the strawberries. When the bubbles turn small it means most of the water is gone. That’s when I turn off the heat and pour the jam into sanitized mason jars using a jam funnel. With the lid on, I put them upside down for five minutes, then turn them back and wait…

When cooled down it’s time for a little taste, and this jam tastes delicious. Do you want to build a strawberry rack as well? Check out the full video on my YouTube channel: Tony Needs Hobbies.

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